GUN45 auto u-joints

  • Commodity name: GUN45 auto u-joints


There is no uniform standard for the specifications of cross assemblies. Please contact us directly for confirmation.

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    • Commodity name: GUN45 auto u-joints

    Auto U-joints, short for universal joints, are essential components in automotive drivetrains. They play a crucial role in transmitting torque and rotational motion between various components, enabling smooth power transfer and accommodating misalignment.

    Constructed with high-quality materials, auto U-joints are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of automotive applications. They typically consist of a yoke at each end connected by a cross-shaped assembly, which houses needle bearings. These bearings allow for flexibility and movement, compensating for the misalignment between shafts and minimizing vibration.

    Auto U-joints are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the drivetrain. They provide a vital connection between components, allowing the engine’s power to reach the wheels and propel the vehicle forward or backward. Without functional U-joints, the drivetrain would experience excessive vibrations, decreased performance, and potential damage to other drivetrain components.

    Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of auto U-joints. Lubrication should be periodically applied to the needle bearings to reduce friction and prevent wear. Additionally, routine inspection is necessary to identify any signs of damage or wear, such as excessive play or noise, and replace the U-joints as needed.

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Other instructions
1>it is FOB xiamen price . (also can send free to guangzhou yiwu /ning bo shanghai and so on. warehouse  .)
2>the material is 20cr  good material , must not any complain from your customers. (also have 20Mn . 20cr Mn Ti )
3>our delivery time is 40days (with 20Gp container ) . very in time .
4> Can develop according to customer's drawings or samples
5> OEM is available
6> Full range for the universal joint
7> Good quality and resonable price

Packaging & Delivery
the packing . Standard netural packing with carton.
Delivery detail: 30-45 working days,depend on the actual produce condition


What is the location of your company?

Our company is located in the Quan Zhou(Jin jiang) City ,Fu jian province,China.Welcome to visit our factory at anytime!

What are your strengths?

1.We are the manufacturer,having competitive advantage in price.
  2.A large part of money is put into advancing CNC equipments and product R&D department annual,the performance of universal joint can be guaranteed.
  3.About quality issues or follow-up after-sales service,we report directly to the boss.

What is your delivery time?

Usually within 30-40 days after the receipt of payment.Delivery time must depend on the actual produce condition.

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Our standard QC system to control quality(TS16949 2016).

Service & Support

Brand support

Brand support

The brand enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and we provide each dealer with a complete set of brand store building support.

Market support

Market support

The company provides dealers with opening support, event support, etc., and increases local advertising efforts to increase

Technical Support

Technical Support

The company has an independent technical department, and has established a complete technical file and technical solutions.

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